What can we plant in autumn? We’ll give you some ideas!


It’s important to have good knowledge of each one of the plants you’re planning to grow for your vegetable garden to flourish. Vegetables need a specific type of soil, the right amount of water, sunlight… Good preparatory studying! But vegetables are also seasonal. What do we mean by that? We’re accustomed to finding everything we want when we want it. But reality is something quite different… we’re certain that if you try a vegetable that’s in its harvest season, you’ll find that it tastes very different. That’s why we need to know about vegetables to harvest them in the right manner and just in time. Shall we?

The colder temperatures and shorter days of autumn do not herald the end of the harvest, not in the least! So, today we’ll be discovering what we can plant in autumn. Here are some ideas. Let’s begin!

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Carrots are quite easy to grow from seeds, but the surface of the soil must stay uniformly moist. Depending on the variety, carrots can be ready to harvest from 90 to 120 days. Carrots also withstand the cold!


Beetroot types come in different colours and sizes, so planting a mixture of varieties will give you distinct colours and flavours of roots and leaves (that can also be eaten).


Radish is one of the fastest growing vegetables that, depending on the specific variety, can reach harvesting size in just 30 days.


Onions are one of the best-suited vegetables for cultivating in autumn. Above all, it’s because they’re a simple plant that doesn’t require much work. Onions practically grow all by themselves. What’s important is to plant them well and watch over their early growth.


Garlic must be planted in October in the warmest parts. They must be placed in the soil at a depth of approximately 10 centimetres and you also need to leave 10 centimetres in between each garlic clove.


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