Do you know plogging? A very conscious sport


Plogging is a sport that has only been around for a few years and is attracting more and more people. This sustainable initiative was born in Stockholm, soon conquered the whole of Sweden and then the Nordic countries. It is now being practised all over Europe and also in the United States. In our country, plogging groups have already been created to promote the practice of this sport.

It is practised daily by more than 20,000 people in more than 100 different countries. Its dynamic consists of practising sport and at the same time collecting rubbish from the environment. We love it because it is an activity that combines two closely linked worlds: respect for the environment and sport in natural spaces. Are you up for it?

It is practising sport, but with a social conscience. The word plogging is the conjunction of two terms in different languages: “plocka upp”, which means to collect in Swedish; and “running”, to run in English.

The official website of this initiative is Plogga and they offer some tips on how to get started in this sporting and social practice.

Plogging in a group

Although it can be practised individually, the sport is always more enjoyable when it is practised in a group. The same applies to plogging. Its positive effects are multiplied, because the people doing it can challenge themselves to pick up more litter while prolonging their training sessions.

It has also been so successful that it has crossed the boundaries of running and is also practised by cyclists and water sports enthusiasts.

And you, how do you practice plogging?

Plogging has no rules, it can be practised wherever and however you want. The most recommended places are the countryside or forests and beaches. Unfortunately, both the mountains and the coast need our help to keep them as clean as possible.

However, in order to deposit the waste that we find, we must be well equipped with bags. Then we can take them to the corresponding recycling point. We can’t forget to have fun either, we can always imagine how to give waste a new life!

Are you convinced? Come and join us in plogging and tell us about your experience!


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