DIY: Fun Fruit Coasters


Let’s get started! Today, we’ll be making: Fun Fruit Coasters. Are you ready?


– Acrylic Paint

– Paint brushes

– Compass

– Pencil

– Ruler

– Cork

– Scissors

Follow these steps:

To begin with, take the cork and, with the help of a compass and ruler (if you don’t have these, you can use a glass), draw circles on it for our coasters. Careful! Make sure they are all the same size, that they’re identical.

When you’ve finished drawing the circles, we cut them out very carefully.

Now it’s time to decorate our coasters! First of all, use the pencil to sketch the characteristic features of each fruit. We can depict a watermelon, a melon, an orange, a lemon… the ones you like best! 

The time has come to take up the paints and use our imagination. To start, we’ll use white to outline the characteristic features of each fruit. Then we’ll use the other colours to complete it.

Finally, we’ll use a black marker for the tiniest details (for example, the seeds).

We leave it to dry and … We’re done! We now have some really fun coasters for our home. Which one d’you like best? We like the watermelon and the kiwi.


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