Let’s recycle! Newspaper garlands for decorations


Today’s craft is perfect for those days when the weather is rough…we stay home cosy and warm, watching the raindrops or snowflakes fall… nothing like it!

You know that we love to recycle and reuse as much as we can. That’s why in this Christmassy craft we are suggesting, you will need yesterday or the day before yesterday’s newspaper that your parents have finished reading… we’re going to give them a second life.

If you have string, scissors, glue and a newspaper, you are ready to begin. Today, we’re going to make a garland of stars (in keeping with the Christmas spirit) to decorate your favourite part of the house. Is there anything better than homemade Christmas decorations?

How do we make them?

  • First, we must draw the stars on the newspaper. You will need at least two layers for each piece of the garland.
  • If you want to give your stars a touch of colour, now is the moment to do so. You can write messages on the paper with markers or stick them on, whatever you please.
  • Now, cut out the stars you have drawn very carefully. Closely follow the outlines so that their edges will align with each other for your garland to have that perfect finish.
  • When you have finished cutting them out, all you have to do is pick up the stars, two at a time, and stick them together taking care that they are perfectly aligned. And so on, until you have done them all.
  • We have the last step left! We will make a hole in a point of each star with great care. Then, we will pass the string through the holes and… we’re done! Our garland of stars is completed.

Hang it up in your favourite spot! We know it’s going to look marvellous.  


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