Write your Solidarity Letter to The Three Kings


In collaboration with more than 50 charities, foundations and NGOs from all over Spain, the Solidarity Letter to the Three Wise Men wants to give children the opportunity to learn to be supportive by helping other less fortunate children to have a present this Christmas by donating the toys they no longer use. A wonderful idea, isn’t it?

How to write a letter of solidarity?

The way the Solidarity Letter to the Three Wise Men works is very simple: Once the letter has been written on this link and the solidarity section has been completed with the used toys you wish to donate, you send and receive a personalised thank you letter from the Three Wise Men themselves.

The people in charge of the initiative are responsible for contacting the NGO, charity or foundation in the locality closest to the donating family, among those participating in the project.

What toys can be donated?

The idea is not to get rid of toys that are no longer useful because they are incomplete or broken, but to share them. The promoters of the initiative warn that the toys to be donated must have all their parts, work properly and be clean.

And you, do you want to participate?


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