Create your own sustainable advent calendar. Here’s a great idea!


We adore Christmas! And for its magic to penetrate into every nook and corner of our home, and for the countdown to go faster from day 1 until 24th December, one of the best things we can do is create our own Advent Calendar. We propose a calendar of cardboard stars with hidden messages. It’s simple, sustainable and truly unique. Wonderful, isn’t it?

We’re certain you’ll enjoy counting down how many days are left to Christmas day every single day. You’ll have a ball with your family and the enthusiasm and expectations with which you await these memorable days will spread among you. So… Shall we get to work? We can’t wait any longer!


  • Brown and white card paper
  • Pencil
  • Cord
  • Perforator
  • Marker
  • Long and thin tree trunk

Steps to follow:

  1. Before you begin, make sure you’ve prepared all the materials we need. Do you have everything? Let’s go!
  2. Take the white card paper and draw a five-pointed star on it. Each of the stars must measure the same (between 10 cm and 15 cm). This star will serve as our template for drawing the other stars of our calendar. Use the pencil to trace the outline of this star on the brown coloured card paper.
  1. When we’ve finished tracing the stars on the brown card paper, we can start cutting them out very carefully. One at a time. Be patient!
  2. Once you have them all cut out, you can number each star. Remember that you should have 24 stars, from 1 to 24. Now, we’ll punch a hole in one of the points of each star so we can pass the cord through it.
  3. Before we set up our calendar, remember that you have to write on the back of each star the activity, craft, recipe… to be done that day. Here are some ideas:
  • Prepare a circuit around the house. You can use chairs, cushions, hoops… to prepare this gymkhana. Power to the imagination!
  • Choose a new book to read tonight
  • Christmas drawings with Fingerprint Painting
  • We’re making home-made and healthy Nougat
  • We’re making Ginger Biscuits
  • Prepare a Treasure Hunt
  • Let’s put up the Christmas Tree
  • Christmas decorations with clothes pegs
  • Have a Tickle Fight
  • Skewered Santa Claus bananas
  • Laughing Therapy Session
  • Family Pyjama Party wearing our Christmassy pyjamas
  • Create a Christmas Fruit Tree
  • Write a letter to The Three Kings
  • Prepare The Christmas Book: a notebook that holds our memories of this Christmas.
  • Solidarity day! We’re giving away the toys we no longer play with
  • Invite your best friend to tea
  • Christmas Shadow Cube
  • We’re going walking in the woods in search of things for the Winter Sensory Tray that we’ll be making next week
  • Christmas Movie Session
  • Shall we dance? Prepare an original choreography for the Christmas festivities
  • Winter Sensory Tray
  • Bake a cake for tomorrow’s supper
  • Merry Christmas! Today, you choose what you want to do. You’ve earned it!

6. Once you’ve written down all the messages, all that’s left to do is pass the cord through the holes in the different stars so that they hang vertically, and then knot it to the trunk.

Have fun!


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