Classics revived. Gifts from the past for the kids of today.


Tick-tock, tick-tock! Christmas is coming. With all our day to day stress it is easy to fall back on Christmas gift clichés. Socks and pyjamas and colognes are everywhere during the holidays. If you don’t have much time for shopping and prefer to go for what’s tried and true, take note of these most original gift ideas. Kids will just love them!


Knit caps and scarves. They come back every Christmas, and no one is safe! Fortunately, at boboli we turn this Christmas icon into a fun gift. With their pompoms and colour stripes, these classics make a great gift.


Blankets and pyjamas. You can never be sure all your gifts are going to be perfect. Still, this time the kids will jump for joy as soon as it’s unwrapped. These animal blankets from Ratatam Kids are like costumes. We know just what you are thinking: “Are there adult sizes?”


Board games. What would be our Christmas meals without playing games afterwards on the table? There are classic games like Memory and books to help you create changing characters, from Omm Design. A collection of entertaining games illustrated by Ingela Arrhenius.


Christmas sweater. There is nothing more classic than a knitwear sweater with decorative patterns. At boboli we have designed various models you can wear all winter long. Check out the boy’s sweater in light blue and the girl’s with floral motifs you’ll love.


For the play area. Is there anyone who never played knights and princesses with a broom when they were kids? The traditional stick horse gets a new look from designer Donna Wilson. Then, to give the play area an original touch, there are these animal blankets by Pottery Barn Kids. Just adorable!


Mobiles for babies. Since our babies are not boring, their mobiles shouldn’t be either. Now the little ones can dream of space adventures or making new friends in the woods. Nothing can match these felt mobiles from Not on the high Street!


Gift certificates. Sure, we know it is not the most original gift idea. But it’s a classic that will help in a pinch. And what could be better than a boboli gift certificate? Buy them right in shops or from home. If you want to dress them up a bit, you can also include sweets and chocolates in the pack, like these ones from Mr. Wonderful.


Wooden toys. An homage to toys the way they used to be. A classic gift that has come back with new and different ideas that are colourful and fun. Take a look at the Area Ware collection. You’ll love it!


Soaps and toiletries. Functional gifts that come back every Christmas. Why not give do it with a twist and make it more original? You can choose soaps in shapes, or fun bathroom accessories like this toothbrush holder with a fox face.


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