Extracurricular activities: fun outside the classroom


The end of summer can be somewhat overwhelming for the tiniest tots. Classes, home work, adapting to new timings… In the midst of so many obligations, it’s important that they find a moment to clear their heads, meet friends and start discovering their interests and skills with more freedom than in the classrooms. Extracurricular activities are perfect for that. There’s plenty of variety to be found both inside as well as outside school. The benefits of the most popular ones and some newer ones will be covered in this article, even though you may be familiar with some of them or it is your first time researching them. 

Let’s dance!
The perfect activity for children with lots of energy. They will learn to express themselves through dance, improve coordination, motor skills, lose stage fright and grow in self- confidence.  In addition, it is a highly social activity that will enable them to learn to relate to other children.


Like a fish in water 
Swimming is one of the most complete sports for all ages. Taking your babies to the pool doesn’t mean making them swim the crawl, but that being in contact with water from a very young age will benefit them immensely. It strengthens the cardio-respiratory system, teaches vital survival skills, promotes intellectual growth and above all, it relaxes them. 

Let the music play 
Music – and playing an instrument – is closely related to the skill of abstract reasoning that proficient mathematicians and scientists possess. So whether your son is destined to become a little Einstein or not, music will fine tune his cognitive abilities, improve focus and teach patience.

In the technological age we’re living in, activities like robotics or programming have become increasingly recurring options for extracurricular activities. You’ll be surprised how quickly children learn to work circuits or set up a robot.  This activity not only entertains but fascinates them, preparing them fully to live in a time in which almost everything is digitized.



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