Discovering how to set up our own vegetable garden


It’s time we had a vegetable garden at home! Nature enables us to learn the marvels of life. So, today we’re proposing an activity that you can share with the whole family, that will give you great satisfaction as well as bring joy and colour to your terrace or balcony: Setting up your own urban vegetable garden. You’ll know when you taste the tomatoes, lettuces or courgettes that grow in it! Shall we get to work?

The first thing we must do before we set up our garden is decide which space we’ll assign to it. Certain aspects to be borne in mind are:

  • It must have sufficient natural light.
  • There must be a tap close by.
  • It should be a place that can get dirty because we’ll be handling soil, watering, transplanting…

For the surface area of our vegetable garden, we’ll try spending as little as possible. We’re certain that some of the objects we’re not using at home can be given a second life. Here are some ideas:

  • Chests of drawers or old cupboards can be the perfect platform for building our urban vegetable garden. Remember that if they’re wooden you’ll have to line them with plastic bags before putting the soil in.
  • You can also make pots from empty plastic bottles

Once we’ve decided where our garden will be and what we use to set it up… all that is left to do is choose the type of soil and the seeds we want to plant:

  •   Choose seasonal plants
  • Grow different types of greens: It’s important to have aromatic plants (for example) beside our vegetables because they act as natural repellents of pests and fungi.

Now that everything’s ready, let’s review the main advantages of having our vegetable garden:

  •   Fostering responsible consumption, because what you grow will be for your own use.
  • Understanding natural cycles better.
  • Eating healthy and nutritious foods, without pesticides.


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