Unnerving decorations: marvellously original mummy candleholders


Do we love Halloween! We can change into strange vampires, spooky mummies or dancing skeletons. Decorating our house for Halloween will undoubtedly be the most entertaining part. That’s why we’re proposing a ghoulish DIY to prepare your home for Halloween.

You can’t wait? We know that! How would you like some mummy candleholders? We can make them in a flash and they’ll look really chilling. Everybody’ll love them! And you? Have you prepared anything for Halloween at home?


  • Bandage rolls
  • Glass jars
  • White glue
  • Plastic eyes
  • Candles

Follow these steps:

  1. The first thing you must do for mummy candleholders is to look for some empty jars at home. If the jars have labels on them, you must start by removing the labels.
  2. Begin by covering the jar with the bandage roll or gauze strips. Commence at the bottom to end at the top, and use some white glue or adhesive to stick the gauze in place. Make sure you cover the jars all the way to the top because they’ll look better, as you can see in the images.
  3. Now, stick the eyes onto the jars with some white glue.
  4. Place small candles inside them and… You’re done! You’ll have a truly original and fun DIY to fix up your home for Halloween night


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