Discover Photography: Assemble your Analogue Camera!


Did you know that all our experiences can be viewed in a unique and exceptional light, with a click, through photographs? Our eyes could always do with a little practice. We can improve the way in which we look around us.

We must become aware of small details, of the light at a given moment and the nuances, of the little stories unfolding here and there that can be explained without needing to use a thousand words.

Nowadays most cameras are digital, like the phones, but if you want your experience to be more authentic and pure we recommend you try an analogue camera, the one that has always been around, which has a roll of film inside it that you will have to develop when you have finished it. Cool, isn’t it?

That’s why we’re proposing you create your own analogue camera today. So you can take your photos the way they used to be taken before, with patience, affection and a lot of love. You may find this strange or hard to believe… but with an analogue camera and only 24 or 36 photos per roll you will focus better on that particular moment that will last forever.

We have prepared three different models for you so you can choose the one you like best. They are made with our favourite prints from the SS21 collection. They couldn’t be more special. We’re also attaching a document with assembly instructions to make it much easier for you. Let’s practice, play with it and use it whenever the opportunity arises!


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