Monster bookmarks for your favourite books


Are you still wondering about what can be better than a book? Well, a book with a personalized bookmark. Today we propose a perfect handicraft for Sant Jordi: How to make a monster bookmark. Did you know that the origin of bookmarks is related to the beginnings of writing and of the book? There was always a need to use an object to mark the last page that had been read, above all when you had to read something on those huge papyrus rolls where it was difficult to locate a fragment.

From ancient times different materials have been used to make them, such as wood, metal or paper. Many became true works of art. All great readers need one. Shall we get to work?


  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Coloured poster paper

Follow these steps:

  1. First we draw a 10×10 cm square and divide it into four parts.
  2. Scratch out one of the four smaller squares and draw diagonal lines across the two squares beside it. Now cut out the scratched square and the outer triangles. 
  3. Take each point on the long edge of the triangles and fold inwards.
  4. On another piece of paper the size of the monster’s mouth, we draw its sharp teeth, cut them out and stick them in place.
  5. We do the same with the eyes (that we’ve already cut out)
  6. And finally, we stick the top triangle down, and our monster’s ready.


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