SUMMER MOVIES (for children… and adults!)


One of the leisure activities we can enjoy in summer is movie sessions with our children. Today we have several full-length movies that are not only entertaining, but also furnish knowledge and values, a perfect way of teaching them while having fun, and being with them. Although you may find this unbelievable, many of these children’s films have messages with a different reading through the eyes of an adult. So, some of them might well become your next favourites.

Here are some very summery movies for your next sessions! 

Lights, cameras and popcorn!

Learning to appreciate differences in others, friendship and tolerance are the deeper messages of a gentle and fun movie that takes us on holiday to a town on the Italian coast. It has all the magic to captivate both you and the little ones.

Luca | Official Trailer | Disney+

The Sea Monster 
A pirate adventure as of old. A young stowaway and a brave sailor are forced to collaborate with each other and face countless adventures as they hunt the monster of the seas. The perfect adventure for a movie evening

The Sea Beast |Official Trailer| Netflix

The title is truly very fitting. This production brings Colombian culture to us through a family story and lots of magic. Among other things, we will learn to find one’s strengths when these are not readily apparent. Two hours of laughter and recognisable situations that will charm you. 

Encanto | Official Trailer | Disney

The Song of the Sea 
A style that reminds us of illustrations from books although they are perfectly animated. Nominated to the Oscars in 2015, The Song of the Sea narrates the adventure of an older brother helping his sister save the world of magic. A poignant story that your older children will definitely love. 

The Song Of The Sea| Official Trailer | Karma Films

Zog, dragons and heroines 
Being born a dragon doesn’t mean you’re bad, nor does being born a princess mean you’re perfect. In a very faraway land, the things that happen are familiar. Accepting defeat, persistance, collaboration and dropping stereotypes are some of the messages that Zog, dragons and heroines will teach our little ones. 

Zog, dragons and heroines | Official ES Trailer | Rita & Luca Films


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