Christmas Cards that are truly original and versatile, shall we?


It’s already 7th December! The days are slipping by so fast that Christmas will be here before we know it. Have you prepared your Christmas cards for this year? If the answer is no, don’t worry! We’ll propose a super original and fun way to create them. Easy to make and full of love… they’re bound to steal your heart.

The best part of these greeting cards is that they can be personalised! All you need is cardstock in A5 format, embroidery threads of different colours and markers. We can decorate your card with any design you like. A star, a Christmas tree, a snowflake… whatever you fancy!

First, we must decide what it is you want to draw. Then, we take the A5 card paper and have to poke holes along the outline of the drawing to pass the thread through them. Since card paper is thick, it would help to place a small block of foam below the card to prevent it from bending or creasing when making the holes.

Poke holes wherever there is a corner in the drawing or where the thread has to go in a different direction. When you are done with piercing the holes, you can start passing the thread through them to create your picture. When this is finished, cut the thread and knot it on the back of the card to keep it from coming undone.

Now the last thing to do is customise your card. Use coloured markers for the name of the person the card is for and write a message, if you like. It’s going to look wonderful! Besides, you can also add other things to it, such as ribbons, dried flowers… whatever… Let your imagination fly!


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