New discovery! Christmas Shadow Cube


Light always involves magic and even more so at Christmas. That’s why today we’re proposing a super fun and original craft to do during the Christmas season: a bucket of shadows!


  • Template to make the cube
  • White cardboard to print
  • Black cardboard
  • Semi-transparent paper
  • Glue stick
  • LED lights

Steps to follow:

  • Print out the cube templates and fold all the squares in the following way. In the centre we glue a piece of semi-transparent paper.
  • With the help of the die cutters we make figures in black cardboard and stick them on the semi-transparent paper.
  • Glue the four squares of the body and reserve the top, bottom and corner pieces.
  • Glue the four sides together.
  • Fold the bottom part and put it inside the cube. This does not need to be decorated if we are not going to hang it.
  • Glue the corner pieces to give it a nicer finish.
  • Finally, inside the cube we put some LED lights to create a magical light. Ready!


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