Discover Life on an Island with Africa, Ayrtan & Denzel


The calm of nature. Surrounded by the sea. North, south, east and west. Always there. Calm or rough. A Nature that gives us peace or agitates us. Living on an island allows us to maintain a very close relationship with the sea. It calms us and we feel free just by looking at it.

Islands have a special magic that makes island life different from life on the mainland. Africa and her siblings know this very well: the fact that they were born on an island has allowed them to live a lifestyle very different from that of the big city.


But not everything happens in the water. We walk around the village, discovering fields of daisies standing among the dunes, visiting our friend’s houses, and picking aloe vera plants that will later be turned into homemade skincare products.

Every day we can take a dip in a different corner of the island. We move around avoiding the strongest winds and we take shelter to be able to enjoy the waves at any time. The sea is part of us. We love it and respect it, that’s who we like to take care of it so much.


Life on the island has a different tempo. Here, in Fuerteventura, the days outside pass calmly, turning into weeks, months and years of adventures in paradise. A landscape framed by fascinating blue waters that constitutes, since 2009, a protected ecosystem.

Slow life in its purest form.


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