Fancy playing? The best things you can do at the lake


Lakes enable us to do several different things. Can you imagine taking a dip, looking around you and finding yourself surrounded by mountains and lakes? Yes, you can. This is one of the many things you can do in a lake, but not the only one.

You can also practice balancing on a paddleboard or you can explore by rowing in a kayak. However, if you don’t like the water very much, you can also choose the walking or cycling paths. The options are endless!


Who doesn’t like picking stones on the banks of a lake? Stones are a natural canvas on which we can create umpteen things. With a little imagination and some acrylic paints or finger paints, you can fashion true works of art and take home a lovely souvenir.


Twigs, petals, leaves from different trees… with everything you pick up from around the lake, you can put together some very cool collages;warriors made with the shells of seeds, shields with the leaves or fantastic animals. Some sheets of paper and a pencil will suffice. Want to have a go?


We must honour our commitment to look after the planet. And what better way of doing so than taking a walk and picking up the thrash beside the path? We must play our part in cleaning the woods!    


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