Travelling by road is the best way to discover the world. Coming along?


This season, we want to sing the praises of Road Trips and the discoveries children make when they travel on 4 wheels with our AW19 campaign. A road trip is the best way children have of exploring and discovering the world with their own rules, at their own pace and listening to the music they please.

A journey always begins with the excitement of arriving at the final destination. But before reaching it, there’s the magic of discovering new landscapes through the window, laughter shared at 120 Km/h, technical stops to stretch our legs and savour typical local snacks… What is important is not the destination, but the discoveries you make on the way!


As is our wont each season, we invite boys and girls to explore, experiment, question and, above all, discover the world they have around them, motivating them to participate in different didactic activities that will awaken their curiosity and intellect.

In recent years we have encouraged the youngest to know the intricacies of the laws of Physics, the attitude a Rock Star must have, the secrets of surviving in the wildest deserts, how to enjoy the summer reading away or how to help in housekeeping tasks!

We mean to advance our company philosophy further in its social responsibility and commitment to the world of children by promoting learning activities that help children grow wholly from children into great human beings.

All set?

We’re off!


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