Unbelievable! There are approximately 1,500 active volcanoes on Planet Earth


Each time a volcano erupts somewhere on the planet we wonder how many active volcanoes there are and which ones are extinguished or have no eruptive activity. According to data of the United States Geological Survey (USGS), there are almost 1,500 active volcanoes on the entire planet, of which barely 20 are considered to be in “active eruption”.

The remainder, for the time being, do not blast out magma, although it must be borne in mind that they are active and, therefore, latent. Did you know that the volcanoes in Indonesia are a part of the “Pacific Ring of Fire” and that more than half could probably start erupting?

Countries with the highest number of active volcanoes on the planet  

  1. Chile has 95 active volcanoes. The most active are Villarrica (which last erupted in March 2015) and Copahue, close to the border with Argentina.
  2. The United States has 130 active volcanoes. In Hawaii, you have the Kilauea volcano, the most active one on the island and one of the most active worldwide since 1993.
  3. Indonesia has 127 active volcanoes. Mount Merapi, 400 km from Jakarta, the capital, is the most active one.
  4. Japan has 111 active volcanoes. Mount Fuji is the most famous one and, according to experts, could start erupting ‘quite soon’.


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