Discover surfing with Ginger, Antón and Nelah


Ginger, Antón and Nelah have been surfing since they were little children in the Canary Islands where they were born. Their parents, also islanders and fans of this sport, have organized their lives around surfing and what this lifestyle represents. For them, it is much more than a sport, it is a way of life, a way of interacting with the environment, an adventure, a game.

No two waves are alike

Surfing is not like soccer or basketball where you go to play and you find the same court, with the areas well painted and the center of the field well marked. Surfing conditions change with every season, every day, even with every wave. They depend on the winds and tides, the swell, the water temperature, the type of wave… And just as no two waves are the same, no surfer is the same as another. Everyone enjoys it in their own style and in their own way.

The best surfer is the one who has the most fun

Antón and Nelah enjoy the waves as an extension of their playground and as part of their everyday life. On the sand or in the water, surfing is a tool to play and have fun with their friends. Ginger also enjoys competing, she likes the challenges, the training, and the adrenaline of competition. It’s about being in contact with nature, understanding and respecting the oceans, and, above all, sharing the fun of sliding on the waves.


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