Discover Homemade Preserves with Lou and Elliot


Lou and Elliot will show us some tricks to keep a piece of summer inside of a jar, so that you can taste it on one of those long winter days. Peaches, tomatoes, blackberries… summer fruits and veggies are just delicious. It’s a pity we cannot enjoy them all year around!

Patience. And other ingredients to achieve the best canning. 

Canning needs time. Collecting and condensing the flavors of fruits and vegetables into a glass jar can require patience. But there is a positive side; it’ll make the whole house smell amazing! You can use the spare time to read, paint, dance or play with your family. Autumn is meant to be spent cosy inside!

Keep healthy and sustainable traditions alive. 

If you ask your grandparents, they’ll probably tell you that they did this when they were younger, and maybe even shared the process with their kids! This is not only a healthy tradition, but preserving things yourself reduces food waste and lets you preserve nutrients and vitamins from freshly picked fruits and vegetables! They’re healthy and delicious!


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