Let’s clean our environment! For a more sustainable world


We, in boboli, are among those who believe that small actions can change the world. And you? We struggle tirelessly every single day looking for a way to live in harmony with the planet. We share this space with trillions of species and living beings as well as with other people who have different realities and needs.

That’s why we’re proposing a fun and truly enriching activity today. Let’s clean our environment! Excursions in nature are an interesting way of getting to know our ecosystem and they can become a wonderful opportunity for contributing our little grain of sand. How? Let’s use our walks to pick up any litter we come across on the paths. Easy, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, far too often our woods are dirty and full of thrash. This uncivilized attitude of some people hurts our environment. We’re not at all keen on finding litter and garbage dirtying the landscape when we go out walking and they’re harmful for the habitat and animals. For example, a glass bottle can cause a fire in the words on a very sunny summer’s day.

Why do people dump rubbish? Why is it so filthy? Why doesn’t anybody pick it up? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves and it’s becoming more and more difficult to find answers. If we go out for a walk in the woods it’s easy enough to take a garbage bag along with us in our backpacks and pick up the litter we find on the way.

It’s not a matter of feeling negative about picking up somebody else’s waste, but feeling positive about cleaning what we love and know how to appreciate: our planet. In this way we’ll become fully aware of the damage being done when objects, bottles, plastic bags, tins or just pieces of paper are left behind.


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