Discover farming with Victor and Millie


It’s time to get away from the city, exit the tarred roads and plunge into nature. Surrounded by small animals, we’ll learn to look after their needs and see for ourselves how the eggs and milk that are our daily food are produced.

Hens, rabbits and ponies

We will see how these kindly animals live on a farm. Rabbits have very soft skin and eat grass and hay. Did you know that a hen lays an egg a day? Laying hens can lay up to 300 eggs a year. And ponies are horses that don’t grow above 1.48 metres in height and it is believed that the species originated with them.

A Farm is a School

We learn so many things when we’re in contact with animals and nature. This idea led to the creation of farm schools more than 30 years ago. They help us break away from city routines, relate better to the environment and work in a team. We learn how important it is to look after animals and our surroundings.


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