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A rainbow of emotions. According to Colour Therapy or the Psychology of Colour, our moods, feelings and behaviours are affected by colours. We see in black and white only during the first six months of life, but after that… Ta daaa! A rainbow of stimuli starts fanning out. Initially, children start discovering primary colours (red being the first). That’s why children’s toys tend to be of these colours.

I spy with my little eye…

The colours of the spaces and objects that surround us in childhood convey a lot to us and stimulate learning.

  • White is a canvas for creativity.
  • Blue inclines us to tranquillity and helps us have sweet dreams.
  • Green is perfect for learning to read.
  • Orange and yellow stimulate energy and positivism.

And so on. Each colour plays an important role in this awakening of girls and boys.

Dabble in colours

Colours prevail in children’s games. Painting and colouring assist the imagination and concentration, in addition to also being very relaxing. Coloured strings, finger paints, construction blocks… the more the colours, so much the better!


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