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Nature is highly appreciative. If you make it a habit to look after it and treat it well, you will promptly collect its fruits in the form of vibrant flowers, thoroughly tasty garden vegetables and wild hideaways in which to play. A few secrets to help you make it: great respect and tons of love. Are you ready to reap?

Who has a vegetable garden has a treasure trove

The advantages of growing your own vegetables are innumerable. And besides, they will bear you fruit all year round. Each season has its own fortunes, tomatoes, so red and delicious in summer, spinach in autumn, peas in winter and all types of tasty fruit in spring. The soil has to be well prepared, watered according to the time of year and weeds have to be removed. The rewards are beyond measure: you can prepare a meal with your favourite veggies. And if you also have hens, you could relish them with an omelette. What a menu!

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Wild wild mood!

A vegetable garden’s best friends are wild flowers and aromatic herbs. Because they help keep pests from showing up and attract pollinating insects that make everything grow much more contentedly. And of course, they are so much more beautiful that you won’t resist picking them to make yourself a crown of flowers or gift away a recently cut bouquet. Ah, it could also be the best hideout on play days.

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Dinner’s ready!

What are we eating today? After spending the day picking fruit in the garden, we must wash and prepare them together. Everything is fresh, bursting with colour, smells and just right to eat. Helping to prepare meals at home from a very young age is a wonderful way of getting to know foods, appreciating the effort that goes into harvesting fruit and vegetables for a rich diet to grow healthy and strong. After this sumptuous feast, all that is left to do is… a good siesta!

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