An Expedition into the Desert. Looks for a true adventurer


It’s time to set off on a new adventure and load our backpacks with experiences. Today we’re getting ready for a mind-blowing excursion. We’ll walk on a volcano where we can feel all the power and magnetism of nature beneath our feet.

We’ll discover Montaña Colorada, which is how the part of Fuerteventura where we shot our campaign is known. There are all of 9 volcanoes in a row in attendance. That’s why we’re proposing the best looks for being a true adventurer today. Bring along your water bottle and camera to enjoy a dream hike.

To the crater and beyond!

Volcanoes are full of molten rocks from inside the earth that are really very, very hot. That’s what we call magma. We need to be equipped with the best clothes possible.

Let the expedition commence!

Volcanoes spend more time dormant than active and often let us feel their magic, a magnetic sensation. Like our looks for this season.


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