How to prepare a beach bag for the seaside


Pack up the car as if the world was coming to an end? Very commonplace in most families that go on a beach holiday and pack everything they need to ‘survive’ one day on a seashore. But no worries… these problems are no more. Today, we’ll give you some very important tips for preparing the beach bag. It never used to be such fun! The beach is waiting for you.

Organisation is all-important if you don’t want to find yourself retracing your steps mid-morning to pick up something you’ve left behind. Shall we start?

1. Sunscreen: This, for us, is the most indispensable item for spending a whole day on the beach. Protecting the skins of little ones from the sun is of utmost importance. The SPF should be between 30 and 50 and if possible, dress them in bathing costumes that also include sun protection factor in the fabric.

2. Everything babies need. Everything you would normally take with you when you go out, including nappies, disposable wipes, feeding bottles…

3. Towels and beach umbrellas. The beach umbrella is the best protection from the sun together with sun cream and it’s fundamental for not suffering sunstroke. With respect to towels, remember to also carry at least one or two extras for drying oneself after countless hours spent in the water.  

5. Toys… however, be extremely practical. Buckets and spades for building sand castles, an inflatable ball or some beach bats for playing on the sand by the sea.

6. Lots of liquids and snacks. Water must be available in abundance on beach trips. It’s the best way to stay hydrated after so many hours in the sun. Snacks are equally important to keep hunger at bay between meal times. Fruit and dry fruit are a perfect option.

8. Clothing. A set to change into so you can go back home clean, with no sand or sea salt on you, and especially underwear.


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