The best tips for a perfect caravan getaway


Here’s an impromptu caravan getaway with a summer holiday flavour! Long live those magical days with incredible sunsets and radiant spring evenings. The purpose of the weekend? Stop everything and let nothing hold you back. Come on!

In order to enjoy a weekend like this to the fullest, we need clothes that are comfortable, cool and resistant to all kinds of adventures. There are a few things that we have clear for a perfect weekend: Going caravanning, hanging our hammock in a tree, swimming pool or beach are a must and, above all, you can’t miss a good ice cream.

That’s why today we bring you a super interview with Cristina Acedo, a blogger passionate about caravan trips. She has an amazing blog and Instagram profile. We are very inspired by everything she publishes. In this interview she explains the best tips for a perfect campervan getaway. You can’t miss it!

What are the must-haves for a weekend away in a caravan?

A good book, a board game, bicycles, watercolours and a couple of lunchboxes with batch cooking for a picnic in the mountains, the countryside or the beach.

What kind of clothes are perfect for a weekend like this?

For me, a comfortable, long dress that is in harmony with the scenery is always perfect. David is always faithful to his revered jeans, he has several of the same model on repeat because, according to him, they are perfect.

For the kids, comfortable clothes, made of organic fabrics and always with several spare changes of clothes so that they can play and enjoy themselves without worrying about getting muddy or wet in a river or on the shore of a cove. Of course, for everyone, always a thin jacket, because we love being outdoors and in case we feel like going out to see the stars at night or going down to the beach to see the moon.

Top tips for surviving a caravan weekend?

Leave behind the rush and the frenetic pace of everyday life during the week and flow. Have assigned tasks and organise them together: when we arrive, David is always in charge of lowering the awning while the kids and I set up the chairs, the table and hang the hammock from a couple of logs. In the daily routine, I always wake up early and prepare breakfast, the children are in charge of washing up, daddy cooks, etc.

What is the best thing about a weekend caravan trip?

The feeling of freedom and holiday from the moment you start on the road.

How did you discover your passion for these trips?

We have always loved to travel. I found out I was pregnant with our first child in Australia, Valentina took off walking in the parks of Sweden and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wandered around Paris. With the experiences of different types of travel with the kids and the arrival of the pandemic, we decided we wanted to embark on our adventures in nature, the forest, the beach and every magical corner on wheels with our little house in tow. And what a success!

The best weekend reads.

Lately I’ve been reading from Monday to Friday and another one for the weekend. It’s like living in two realities, I love it. I like novels that move me, in paper format and that I’ve probably bought on the recommendation of someone I admire or because it’s a beautiful edition of a classic that I feel like rereading. Very poetic, too. My latest readings: El món es torna tan senzill by Laura Gost and Nada importa by Jesús Terrés.

The little ones bring a book from the school library every week, which accompanies them at the weekend in their quiet and restful moments, and when they don’t fall asleep, in the evenings, we read them a chapter or a story from the variable selection they have in the small bookcase in their bunk in the caravan.

What is the best time of the year to travel in a caravan, or do they all have their own charm?

No doubt every season has its own charm. This November we were caught in a leaf shower on a walk through a leafy forest and marvelled at the magic of autumn. On the other hand, we love winter in the snow – don’t be afraid of snow in a caravan, it’s an incredible treat to go to sleep with a landscape and wake up to find yourself surrounded by a white blanket!

Spring is our favourite time to enjoy the Costa Brava because it is not as crowded as in summer and the swaying of the waves on the shore of a cove traps you with its magic. And summer, oh summer, summer! summer is for hiking.


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