Nature, outdoor activities and the most fun plans


We were waiting for good weather to come, so we could make plans outside. Here are a few ideas for plans in nature and what to bring for each one. Let the fun begin!

Build your own fort

The best thing in the world, having your own fort. Here, we will be playing with sticks and ropes, so it is better if we protect our arms and legs. Knit sets are the best choice to be the best explorers and build shelters. Here are a couple of them!

Let’s go on a picnic!

Kids love picnics. But be careful because there is a high risk of stains. Therefore, we suggest dark and pattern clothes. And it will seem like nothing happened!

A fantastic bike ride

Leggings are the perfect garment for this plan. They give us freedom and mobility to pedal endlessly. Combine them with a waterproof jacket in case the weather changes, and it starts to rain.

Let’s fly kites

This plan calls for us to run a lot and even roll down if we lose control of the kite. The best thing is to wear short clothes, so you don’t get hot, and some shoes and socks that you can wear all day without chafing.

Jump into leaf piles

What’s the best thing about a pile of dry leaves? Kick them, stomp on them and throw them up in the air! We might get a little dirty, so it is best to wear long clothes and wellington boots in case we find a puddle. Splash! 

Relax! Let’s read in the sun (or in the shade)

The most important thing is to choose our favourite stories. Then, we need to protect ourselves from the sun. Light fabrics are essential to avoid getting hot, and hats are the perfect accessory to be well protected.

It’s time to go outside and explore nature! We are ready to jump, run, and breathe the purest air, and have fun with our family. May the fun never end!


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