To the snow with the little tots!


Snow lovers, your time has arrived. Now that the mountains are white, there is no better weekend plan than a getaway to take the kids to enjoy all the activities this season has to offer.

If packing for these occasions is a problem for you, we have a list of essentials to make sure your children are well protected while having a great time.

Layer by layer
According to experts, children should wear at least one more layer than adults under the same conditions. That means at least three layers: a base layer to regulate body moisture, an insulating layer and a waterproof outer layer.

Knit t-Shirt long sleeves for girl
Knit t-Shirt long sleeves for girl
Leggings for girl - organic
Leggings for girl – organic
Fleece sweatshirt striped for girl
Fleece sweatshirt striped for girl
Technical fabric parka for girl
Technical fabric parka for girl

Material matters
Think about the type of activity you are going to do and the weather conditions there. In cold and humid climates, cotton should be avoided, as it is a hydrophilic fibre that retains moisture. Choose synthetic fibres like polyester or polypropylene. If you prefer natural fibres, we recommend wool.

Accessories for everyone
When temperatures drop, the hands, feet, and head are the first points through which we give off the highest amount of body heat. You should protect them well with hats, gloves, and mittens… Remember, don’t let your clothes get wet and lose their function.

Extra, extra!
Besides clothing, there are other items that you will need in your suitcase to ensure a successful getaway.

  • Make sure you wear sunscreen, it may not look like it, but snow reflects a lot of light.
  • Change of clothes: everyone knows that having fun comes with stains of all kinds.
  • High-energy food and a thermos: to keep them warm and recharge their energy.

You are now ready for a winter getaway. Have fun, family!


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