Plan for the weekend? The best lakes for cooling down and enjoying nature. Discover them!


We’re in the home straight of spring. There’s just a month to go before summer and we can no longer hide our longing for sun and a good splash. Tranquillity is also important, which is why we propose a less crowded destination so that you can enjoy landscapes, such as lakes, in the very heart of nature.

Surrounded by mountains, valleys and rural scenery where animals roam freely is the perfect plan. Timo, Arturo, Frida and Agnese know this well enough. They’ve taught us how to enjoy an evening of games on the banks of Lake Garda. Will you join us?

The Pink Lake

The Pink Lake will surprise you with its water that sometimes touches on shades close to fuchsia. This natural phenomenon is due to the interaction of the sun’s light with certain bacteria that live in the water as well as the layer of rose pink clay in the bottom.

The Lakes of Covadonga

Within the Picos de Europa National Park, we have three glacial lakes: Enol, La Ercina and El Bricial located at an altitude above 1,000 meters.

Lake Carucedo

This lake is in Las Médulas where you will find the remains of an open-pit gold mine from Roman times. The intense red colour of the soil contrasts with the green of the landscape and is more like a vista of a different planet altogether.

Lake Sanabria

This is the largest lake of glacial origins in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe, nothing less than 369 hectares in a surface area with a width of 1.5 kilometres, a length of 3 and a depth of 53 metres.

The Banyoles Lake

This is the biggest lake in Catalonia and is located in Girona. Legend has it that the Banyoles dragon lives in it, though nobody has seen it. Will you go looking for it?

The Black Lagoon

Yet another lagoon with a legend, it is said that its waters are black because its depth is unknown and a monster lives within it. It is of glacial origin and surrounded by the cliff faces of the Urbión in the Black Lagoon Natural Park in Soria. Will you dare take on the monster?

The Gallocanta Lagoon

This is one of the biggest natural saline lagoons of Spain and Europe. It has an opening to the sea and has formed with groundwater.

The Stone Fountain Lagoon

This is the biggest lagoon in Andalusia with a width of 6.5 kilometres and a length of 2.5. Here you can see the biggest colony of flamingos in the peninsula. It’s a wonder to contemplate the pink mantle with which these birds cover the lagoon!

San Mauricio Lake

The Aigüestortes National Park in Lleida, Catalonia, is where this lake of glacial origin is to be found. It is one of the better known and most magnificent lakes because of its breathtaking views of the Pyrenees. Don’t forget your camera, it’s sensational!

The Green Lagoon

This most unusual of all lagoons in Spain is in the island of Lanzarote. It has an intense green colour that comes from the sulphur contained in its waters inside the crater of a volcano and alongside a beautiful black sand beach. It is an unforgettable landscape. 


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