It’s time to write a letter to the Magi. Put pen to paper!


The day the Three Kings arrive is not the only exhilarating moment in time… the excitement is already present many weeks before when we choose what we want and then write a letter to their Majesties, the Three Kings of the Orient. It’s a thrilling experience and a magical time for the entire family.

The time you spend writing the letter to the Magi is not just your moment, but it can involve the entire family over several days. In this way, not only is the excitement spread out, but we introduce other aspects, such as responsibility, values and empathy.

The time spent on the letter is an opportunity for bringing the entire family to the table and passing an evening together. It’s a space for sharing, for getting to know each other’s dreams and seeing what each one desires, including the parents.

Things to bear in mind when writing your letter

Think deeply about what you want to ask of the Three Kings.

It’s utterly important to muse on what you want to request from them, but you must remember that you cannot ask for everything, only what you most desire and truly need.

Compose and decorate the letter

Once you have decided what it is you want to ask for and have composed it on paper… it’s time to decorate it! There are many models of letters for the Magi, but we like to create our own letters at home and personalize them to our liking. In this way we are also fostering creativity! Choose the pencil or ball pen that you write with, decide on whether to include drawings or some type of adornment… and above all compose a well-written and respectful letter to their Majesties, the Three Kings.


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