How you dress the children in summer? Like this, indeed!


Some things can be ignored, but not your children’s style. Mornings of beach, sand, a lot of water… Afternoons of ice cream and tiger-nut milk… Evenings having dinner in the square… All this has been well planned, but what about the looks? We’ll inspire you so that you can dress them in the most appropriate manner for each occasion, and always in style.

Beach, swimming pool and more beach

We know that the bathing suit and basic t-shirt make a perfect combination, but what if we were to give it a twist? We assure you that your son would be the centre of attraction and you, the most fashionable daddy or mommy on the beach.

How about a short sleeve t-shirt with a swimsuit and a top cap? We really think so!

Ice cream o’clock!

There’s bound to be an ice cream stain on his new t-shirt, so accept it. It’s less important if the stain is on a printed t-shirt, you know, it won’t stand out so much. Fill their current looks with prints and make chocolate ice cream the last thing on your mind!

Dinner in the square

And like the looks, summer nights are also vitally important for the little ones. Loose, fresh dresses and comfy pants for running, jumping and playing with their friends, but never compromising on style.

Because it’s possible to be comfy and fashionable at the same time!


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