You are an artist! It’s time to practice Christmas verses to recite to the family


Christmas poems are the undisputed protagonists of family luncheons and dinners. We are certain that Christmas is one of your favourite festivities. They are days when almost everybody feels happy and hopeful… There’s excitement in the air because of gifts, family get-togethers, starting a new year…

Did you know that great authors of literature wrote Christmas poems at some point in their careers? The beauty of these poems is that they are timeless, they will always be recognised and they are a pleasure to recite and listen to. Would you like to recite one? All you have to do is choose the one you like best, practice it at home and shine with your recital on Christmas day.

How to write a Christmas poem

If you don’t find a poem to your liking… that’s all right! Is there anything more original than creating your own Christmas poem? You can relate your own stories and what Christmas means for you. This will help you develop your imagination and foster your love for reading.

If you want to write your own poem, the first thing you have to do is think of what you want to say. You can draw inspiration from many things. You only need to concentrate and put pen to paper! As you can see, delighting your family with Christmas poems doesn’t mean you have to learn one or have a special talent for writing.

Would you like to try writing a poem?


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