A book for going on a journey through the power and magic of photography


Do you know how to look at an image? The renowned photographer, Joel Meyerowitz, explains it in his book, SeeingThings… Reading the book will hold you spellbound from the moment you start.

So much is being said about photography through social networks and mobile phones nowadays… but we know little about the great photographers that made history. Photography is not filters but a way of seeing. It has a language of its own.

This book is articulated around a series of individual photographs through which Meyerowitz offers a lesson on great masters, such as William EgglestoneWalker EvansHenri Cartier BressonEugène Atget, among others. Each image is intended for teaching the specific techniques and methodologies that lie behind the sight of a photographer.

Each photograph is an excuse to explain a thousand things that can only be revealed through a camera. Thirty photos for thirty different sections on creating a frame within a setting, observing and waiting. Knowing how to intelligently choose the moment. But do you know what’s most important of all? It reminds us of the priority of having fun, discovering and creating with our eyes and our minds, something that gives us the opportunity to connect to others and tell them how we see the world. 


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