Podcasts: The little big listening aid


Although children do not come with an intruction manual, nor are their needs so simply met, but… how about a podcast?

I’m sure the word rings a bell. In short, a podcast is a talk by one or more persons on a specific subject,  like an à la carte radio programme. Luckily for all mums and dads, there are many on subjects related to our little ones.

This article brings you a selection of them that will serve as a guide in this marvellous and, at times, somewhat complicated adventure.

Maternidad Real (Real Maternity)
A very clear title that clearly reflects what you’re going to hear in it. Elena Pajuelo, midwife and communicator in social networks on facts that will certainly stike a chord with you, interviews real mothers and fathers who relate their actual experiences. Nothing about having a splendid body 3 days after giving birth, perfect children who always sleep through the night or first-time mothers who have never ever not felt a little overwhelmed.

Píldoras de Psicología (Psychology Pills)
“Pills” refers to the micropodcast format of approximately 4 to10 minutes, in which time Alberto Soler, a child psychologist, gives you advice and guidelines on how to manage impatience, tolerance or frustration, among other things. You won’t get through FY psychology with them, but you will learn to handle both your feelings and those of your tiny tots better.

Club de las Malasmadres (The Bad Mothers’ Club)
“Breaking free from the myth of the perfect mother, fighting for real conciliation and equality in society” is how Laura Baena, founder of the Bad Mothers’ Club which already has a community of more than 1 million mothers and fathers, introduces herself. You will love her listeners’ confessional  in which you can participate through WhatsApp and talk about things you dare not utter aloud for fear of being branded a… Bad Mother?

Adolescencia Positiva (Positive Adolescence)
If your children are still small, keep it all the same and you’ll be grateful to us. We’ve all been teenagers, but never has anyone been like those of today, whatever the generation we might be looking at. A time when one is full of hormones, highs and lows, in search of oneself, when we believe we are already sufficiently of age for absolutely everything. The podcast on Positive Adolescence will not prevent your child from being a teen, but it’ll help you handle things better.


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