Spring is ours!

Countdown for the spring. This time of the year surprise us with new colors, smells and flavors. The seasonal products are key for the children diet. But, how could you achieve that the youngest members of the family get used to eat fruits and vegetables throughout the year?

At home, surround them with fruit motifs and become these foods into something familiar. Like this huge banana from Thingindustries or the watermelon puff from Pegata. We love them!

quitamiedos piña

These lamps shaped like pineapples from Liderlamp are also a good choice to get a light point and help kids to feel safe in the dark.

Manualidades fruta guirnaldas

Another way to decorate the house and a good plan for a spring Sunday are the crafts. What about coloring these garlands? We leave the tutorial here.

peluche fruta

And if we already love cuddly toys and dolls with funny shapes, imagine how much your children would love them! We have a crush with this original piñata pineapple shaped from Noodoll and the lovely Sonny Angel of fruits. The funniest thing about these dolls is that you don’t know which one is yours until you open the box.

comer fruta niños

Finally, a good way to encourage kids to eat fruits and vegetables is making up games and new ways of presenting the dishes. This DIY brochette or this apple shaped like a panda will be an inspiration for you.