TRY IT Discover the sea with your family. Would you dare to sleep among sharks?

At boboli we’re in the mood for the sea. Even though it’s still too chilly for a dip, we’re feeling impatient, and today we have some recommendations of interesting activities for discovering the sea and ocean with your family.

Do you want to feel like a fish in water? Now your kids can sleep with sharks and fish. Aquariums in a number of cities offer this original activity to learn about sharks and other marine life. These include the Aquàrium de Barcelona, L’Oceanogràfic in Valencia, the Shark Sleepover at the Palma Aquarium and the Acuario de Sevilla. Are you game?

If risk-taking isn’t your thing, though, you can check out the activities at the maritime museum in your city. At the Maritime Museum of Barcelona you can discover the most important constellations and planets and learn about how sailors have used the sky to navigate. Bilbao Maritime Museum offers a host of activities and workshops over Easter. And at the Museo do Mar de Galicia you can learn a bit more about what fish eat.

planetario familiar

For those who are far from the sea, another way to get close to the ocean is through culture. At Madrid’s Teatro Galileo you can see the children’s show Bú, a work that centers on an ocean and all of the marine creatures that live in it. And at Madrid’s Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa you can visit Titanic. The Exhibition, with over 200 original objects, documents and images from Titanic passengers.


As you can see, proposals for discovering the sea are endless. But a stroll along the beach with the whole family is a classic that never fails!