Dad, with you to infinity and beyond

It’s here! Today’s Father’s Day and we have the great opportunity to demonstrate all the love and affection we feel for him. A father is someone who protects you, understands when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules and feels genuinely proud of you when you are successful. But, above all, whatever your need may be he is always there to help you without asking for anything in return.

We know that the date is the least important part… but isn’t it terrific that there is a calendar day we can celebrate with them to thank them for their unconditional love. It’s just that they are a treasure! Generous, understanding, hardworking, patient… all the positive adjectives fit them because they put up with everything! There’s no cooler dad, and that is something not all the gold in the world can buy.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of very neat sentences that you can say to him today on his day. Choose the ones you like best and that identify with him. We are certain you will impress him!

  1. When I say “come”, you’re there right away
  2. A father from a different league, the Champions
  3. You are always my unconditional fan
  4. You give me advice that can’t be found in any book
  5. You believe in me 200%
  6. You lead me on the right path even without Google Maps
  7. Your patience deserves to be studied
  8. You will always be there
  9. You taught me the way for things to run smoothly
  10. No one like you who makes me smile each day
  11. I learn new things from you every day
  12. You have more patience than a saint
  13. There’s a super hero we call dad living in this house
  14. Your kisses are the best (though they sometimes poke)

Do you know the origin of this celebration?

This beautiful celebration started in the United States back in 1909 when Sonora Smart Dodd wished to pay tribute to her father, Henry Jackson Smart, a US Civil War veteran. Henry’s wife died when giving birth to their sixth child and he looked after and educated all his children with no help and with all the love in the world on a farm in the state of Washington. Isn’t that a dear story? It stole our hearts.

Family Team Collection

We, in boboli, have lovingly prepared a unique collection dedicated to dads for this very special day. With Family Team, we want Father’s Day to be educational as well as fun. There are five models for the entire family with different messages to face the challenge of educating with a sense of humour. Superb T-shirts for dads and moms that set the rules and, so that the young ones learn, also put their limits to the test, sometimes even daring to break them! Perfect colours for the best team in the world!