Scratch Cards for cool dads

One of the most awaited dates for the family is very near. Father’s Day is round the corner and you have a terrific opportunity to show all your love for one of the most important persons in your life. It’s a day of great significance for dads the world over. For one whole day they can be the sole protagonists. And we must think of some original gifts for them, above all, for those celebrating it for the first time. They have more than earned it with their warm cuddles and infinite patience!

It is their due! For those left dumbfounded when they were told they were going to be dads, those who couldn’t stand the pressure during the delivery and collapsed onto the floor, those who spent hour upon hour learning to change nappies, those of the countless sleepless nights… they have all done so much to look after you and give you everything.

We know that it won’t be easy to find a gift fit for a father as wonderful as yours, but we are going to help you so you can surprise him! We have prepared a scratch card that you can gift him on his day. Isn’t that a great idea?

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  • Sleep a little longer! Today is Special Breakfast Day.
  • You are in luck today! Choose what you would like to do.
  • Movies + pizza night… You pick the ingredients and I, the movie!
  • Love and more love. A day with no limits to snuggles and kisses.
  • Happy siesta, that’s a promise! This Saturday you can sleep for as long as you want.
  • Housekeeping in action. Spruced up room.

Steps to prepare the card:

  1. Print the card.
  2. Cover it with transparent plastic adhesive to protect it from the paint.
  3. Once it is covered, we will mix dish washing liquid with acrylic paint that we will use to cover the messages for dad. You can choose the colour you like best!
  4. Paint over all the messages and let them dry. Make sure you do a good job so that the words cannot be seen.
  5. It’s ready! All you have to do now is wait to give it to dad and for him to start to discover all the surprises you have prepared for him. He can use a coin to remove the paint and reveal the gift that is hidden below.

We hope that you will truly enjoy this beautiful day on the coming 19th March! Happy Father’s Day!