Sing at the top of your voice


We know that your life undergoes a transformation when you have little children. Timings, meals, games… and clearly, music. 

You, the Pop Queen, now know more children’s songs than the current hits, and more than once you’ve caught yourself singing the latest hit of the crèche in the shower instead of the most recent one of your favourite group.

Given this fact, there are two things we’d like to say. The first is that you will greatly miss these songs once your children have grown up.  And the second, while we wait for that to happen, we’ll give you a playlist of the greatest hits that both you and your child will sing and dance to (and none of them talk about the five wolves). 

We Will Rock You_ Queen
This is one you know well, and your children will love it because of its catchy beat. 

Accidentally In Love_ Counting Crows
They’ll pick up the lyrics fast and the soundtrack is of the film Shrek. 

Follow the Sun_ Xavier Rudd
An indie melody for that moment when you need to disconnect a little. 

Dancing Queen_ ABBA
Another hit that will remind you of your childhood and which you can sing out loud with the little ones. 

Let it Go_ Indina Menzel
The children’s equivalent of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.  A biggie. 

You’d be surprised to discover the number of public lists to be found in the different platforms, with well-known songs for all ages like the ones we’ve pointed out. So, when you go to the crèche to pick up your little ones, play some of them and make the trip home a real concert. 


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