Celebrate Book Day with boboli! Readings full of magic and fun


This Friday, 23rd April, young and old will surround ourselves with stories, adventures and unknown worlds. That’s why we want to give you some ideas that will make choosing your favourite book easier and more entertaining. As usual, we have selected 5 books with the Penguin Random House Publishing Group, our favourite publishers, that will not leave you indifferent! Discover the amazing adventure of reading with boboli.

Did you know that reading has innumerable benefits for us? It stimulates our imagination and creativity, it is a source of learning, it stirs our curiosity and it helps concentration. Shall we begin?

Biotiful Kids

Our dear chloé Sucrée just had to be in our book selection. Her recipes offering diverse and distinct content are a source of inspiration. Her book, Biotiful Kids, guides us in the preparation of rich and healthy dishes that are packed with nutrients. Chloé wants to support us with 90 new recipes to feed ourselves in the best possible manner: balanced, commonsensical, so we feel full of energy and above all, without becoming obsessed or stressed.

The invisible thread

Nura has discovered the secret kept in her navel. She now knows that an invisible thread attaches her to all the people she holds dearest: her mother, her father, her grandparents, her uncles and aunts, cousins, friends… She will no longer be afraid when they are not with her because she knows that this thread ties her to them, beyond time and space, and that they will be connected forever!

A tale about the links that connect us with those we most love and how the most important things are often the ones we do not see.

365 screen-free play activities for the family

That adults and children spend too much time with screens is true, and that there are many alternatives is something we know, but where do we start looking? When inspiration is lacking this book proposes 365 play activities without screens for the entire family.

Ideas for enjoyment in different places like the home, the city and nature to create positive emotional ties, reduce stress and accompany from a place that is empathic, loving and respectful.


Why is it that planets and other celestial bodies have names of gods and mythological characters? Has the Sun always been called thus? What is the temperature in Venus? And what lies beyond Pluto? Find the answers to all these questions in Astromyths and… the Solar System will never look quite the same to you ever again.


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