Ready for the holidays! Outfits to leave you looking radiant


Any excuse is a good excuse to get gussied up. But at Christmas, we go all out! The bling, the satin, the ruffles and tulle are all house specials. This holiday season, we’ll show you how to put together the chicest children’s fashion, with these outfits for girls and boys.

An outfit full of magic.
This Christmas, surround yourself with magic. We have the perfect outfit to make these days with the family memorable. Turn on your superpowers, grab a broom and take off!moda-infantil-boboli-looks-navidad-christmas-01
This outfit consists of a boboli beret with a star detail, pins in the shape of cats, moons and stars, a t-shirt with a bow, a reversible skirt in fantasy fabric and glitter ankle boots.

A real dandy.
Class and style know no age. Bring out your inner dandy with this fun outfit. Even Santa Claus will be left speechless!moda-infantil-boboli-looks-navidad-christmas-04
This outfit combines a sweater by boboli, blue ankle boots, scarlet skinny trousers, a mustache print bow tie and a blue watch with red contrast.

Like a queen.
Queens don’t always have to wear skirts. Run, jump, play and have fun all you want this Christmas. We have the ultimate outfit for the fiercest
In the image, glitter crown, ivory colored gloves, heart print trousers by boboli, message t-shirt, and platform loafers.

This look is wild!
A very chic outfit, but with a fun and edgy touch. Because dressing up for Christmas doesn’t have to be boringmoda-infantil-boboli-looks-navidad-christmas-05
In the image, Oxford shirt by boboli, bear print briefcase, boots with contrasting details, dark denim trousers and a striped scarf.

Lucky red.
Dress all in red and start 2018 with great luck. An original look with a British touch for the most coquette kids.
In the image, scarlet cardigan by boboli, red tights, pleated plaid skirt, oversized sunglasses and heart clutch.


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