Live without haste: The best looks for conquering an island


The calmness of nature. Nature gives us peace or shakes us up. Living on an island enables us to have a very close relationship with the sea that calms us down and we feel free simply looking at it. Like the looks that we propose, which are perfect for holding off the strongest winds and protecting us so we can enjoy the waves at all times.

Actually living on an island lets you enjoy a very different lifestyle from that of a big city. You can stroll about town, discover fields of daisies tucked in the dunes, visit our friends’ homes or collect Aloe Vera plants to make homemade products for the skin. Discover the best looks for conquering the island. That’s where we’re bound!


Between one dip and another, you’ll discover endless species of the animal world. Fish in forever new colour ranges, starfish, marine plants… the sea’s full of surprises. All you have to do is discover them. A look made up of a tricot weave jacket, a knit romper, a t-shirt and pant pack, a cap and blue plimsolls.


With these cool dungarees, matching jacket and two options of t-shirts… melting down is allowed! And when the sea breeze gets chilly, cover up with our sailor style striped sweatshirt. You can combine your look with these white plimsolls.


A trip to your favourite island? Make a note of this look comprising Bermuda shorts, boboli t-shirts, a super cool hoody and a cap to protect you from the hot sun. The white plimsolls are a must. Raise the anchors!


Paradisiacal combinations. Do you like them? With boboli’s savage dress, animal print sweatshirt and silver sandals you will be transported far away to the most exotic beaches. Take your hat and… be off on an adventure!


Show your surfer spirit with our proposals of looks. T-shirt and denim pants with a cap and two sweatshirts for nightfall. Complete your look with these grey plimsolls that are perfect for the occasion.


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