Give summer the welcome it deserves


We, in boboli, want you to welcome summer in the best possible manner. We are certain you have been waiting long for this time of the year to wear your favourite models. Fashion is a part of our lives and it accompanies us on our most special occasions. So, here are some ideas to make you look irresistible this summer, like you had never ever imagined!

Often, the way in which we dress defines our personality… so it is really important that you choose what you like best and something that represents you. You can find the swimsuit you were looking for, the shirt you dreamed of or those perfect pants in our shops as well as in our online store.

You know… just let your imagination fly and create unique combinations.


From the very first months of life, you set a trend and a style. These sailor stripe rompers will be the right combination for beach days. Besides, the prints will steal your heart! Could anything be more beautiful? There are matching bibs too so that you don’t stain yourself and look your best all day.


The boy’s look comprises blue striped rompers with straps and a crab stamp. And the girl’s look is blue and pink striped rompers with a flamingo stamp. The bibs come in packs of 2 each so that you can choose the one you like best for each occasion.


How about a sailor style for success this summer? There’s nothing better than garments with warm and fresh colours for the summer. This poplin top with stripes galore full of little orchid coloured embroidery will fascinate you! And if you were to combine it with those shorts, also in an orchid colour, your look will be a top 10. To complete the outfit, you can use this pretty cap, also of poplin, on the sunniest days. Summer will be yours in the wink of an eye!


The set consists of a soft and light top combined with this spectacular matching cap for when the sun comes out. Complete your look with those shorts and these ideal white coloured sandals.


The colours and prints of this outfit recall the aroma of the sea. A shirt and pants so that you feel like a real sailor. The navy or the sailor style is a trend that is in fashion each year, only it always comes back in improved and more original versions. Navy blue and white are the main protagonists. Prints of stripes, anchors or sailing motifs adorn the most chic of outfits this season.


This set comprises a poplin shirt with sailing details, combined with elastic denim Bermudas. Complete your look with a technical fabric jacket, ideal for those days when the sun hides away, and some white slippers with a Velcro clasp.


The ethnic style stays year after year and is always based on the exotic, on origins, a mix of cultures, explosions of colour… With this ethnic look, you will undoubtedly feel very casual, fresh and even bohemian.


This total look includes a flammé knit T-shirt with straps combined with a skirt full of personality. We also propose a paprika-coloured elastic serge cap and white sandals that will put the finishing touch on your look!


Can you imagine spending some days on a desert island? Let your imagination fly with our Tropical Sailor Collection, and you can become a true survivor. Dreams know nothing of time or place, so you can travel where you please with our beach prints. The look we are proposing will be a complete preparation for a long drawn-out summer..


What do you think of this T-shirt with a summery print, together with these grey coloured Bermudas that leave the T-shirt in the limelight? They can be combined with this denim plush jacket to give your look a more informal touch. Complete it with these very comfortable white slippers for the in-between temperatures.

After all these suggestions we are certain you will not miss out. Summer is already here, and they will be your best ally to triumph during the vacations. Do remember to go to our proposals in Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration.

Let us surprise you! 😉


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