Pequeña & Grande. Inspiring Stories for International Women’s Day.

Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig aren’t the only idols for your little ones. Women like Coco Chanel and Frida Kahlo have also made a name for themselves in children’s eyes through these books by Pequeña & Grande. The collection, created by Isabel Sánchez Vegara and published by Alba Editorial, recounts the magnificent adventures of women who have left their mark on our era.

Moving stories about women who fought for their dreams while staying true to themselves. Plus, we love that each book is illustrated by a different female artist, including Ana Albero, Amaia Arrazola, Maria Diamantes, Gee Fan Eng, Elisa Munsó and Frau-Isa.


The story of Coco Chanel, illustrated by Ana Albero, is the first in the collection. An unconventional designer, with a life full of passion, who turned women’s fashion in a new direction. Chanel freed women from corsets, she shortened skirts, and added a masculine touch to many of her pieces. Her comfortable and elegant style left its mark on a generation of women and became a symbol of liberation.


Painters, explorers, writers and scientists. You can also read about the adventures of Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Or the story of personal triumph centered on Frida Kahlo, an artistic icon of the 20th century and an example of endurance and courage that still inspires millions of women.


The collection is rounded out by the talented Ella Fitzgerald, the mysterious Agatha Christie, the humble Audrey Hepburn, and the exceptional Marie Curie. Unique and wonderful women we can learn from and identify with.

Today is the perfect day to pick up the collection and talk with boys and girls about the importance of equality, the changes we’ve achieved, and the progress we still need to make. A day to celebrate the bravery of all the women who have played an essential role in the history of their countries and their communities.

And you? Who do you think is the most inspiring woman in history?