In spring, let your creativity blossom. 10 inspiring plans for the whole family.

Spring is, without a doubt, the most eagerly awaited season at the boboli headquarters. We radiate energy, color, lively prints and vitality. In spring, our creativity blossoms! Today we’re offering 10 ideas for celebrating the beginning of spring in style. These plans are perfect for crafters, dancers or budding chefs.

1. Personalize your jacket.
Pick up a cool boboli jacket and turn it into a walking garden. At this link you’ll find jackets for boys and here you’ll see jackets for girls. You’re inspired already, aren’t you?moda-infantil-boboli-manualidades-niños-kids-craft-primavera-spring-cazadora2
Boy’s jacket by boboli and patches via Etsy.

2. Make yourself a costume.
Blend into the spring and become queen of theños-kids-craft-primavera-spring-disfraz
Costume via Oh Happy Day.

3. Build your own altar toños-kids-craft-primavera-spring-altar
Inspiration via Wallflowers.

4. Take a swing at a piñata.
Piñata via Etsy

5. Paint a flowerpot.
Tutorial via Oh Happy Day.

6. Bake some delicious cookies.

Receta vía Glorious Treats.

7. Watch the movie Ferdinand .
Ferdinand would rather smell the flowers than fight, so he is rejected by the herd. But over the course of the movie, he teaches us a lesson in perseverance. A beautiful story about freedom, loving nature and the importance of believing in yourself.

8. Plan a party.
Image via Studio DIY.

9. Learn to cross-stitch.
Instructions at The Geeky Stitching Co.

10. Dance to a great song. We chose the legendary Beatles hit Here Comes the Sun. But on this BBC list you’ll find a whole lot of inspiring hits.