The arrival of our first baby is a moment of great joy and many changes. You have undoubtedly been preparing for D day from minute one…how to change nappies, the water temperature, how to alleviate colics…This adventure can be somewhat overwhelming with so many things to bear in mind and concepts you are not familiar with. So, here’s a list of the basic things you will need to enjoy the early days of this new stage, free of stress.


Not only are they cute, but they’ll be your best allies for dressing up baby. The “nappy change” mission will be equally absorbing, but less messy, as it is designed to open easily both in the area of the nappy and the head. 


The passe-partout in the baby kit. Muslins for babies are of a soft cloth and have as many uses as you can imagine. From covering the pram when baby’s asleep, to its use as a wrap or for preventing stains when eating. 


The ideal helper so that your walls don’t resemble a Pollock. Practical, adjustable and available in packs of two.


New born babies cannot regulate their body temperature, so it’s important that we clothe them a little more than we do ourselves. Get some booties to cover their feet, both in winter and summer.


A progression of the bodysuit from casual to a dressier, but equally practical garment. A single piece that looks a two-piece and that is easy to open for nappy changing. 

Now that you have the key words that will hold sway in your daily life, we’ll help you a little more… with packs! Sets of garments that will enable you to save time looking for the baby’s basics. An ideal way not to forget anything! 

And from now on, you can enjoy every moment of your debut in the most hectic adventure of your life: Welcome to the club mum, dad! 


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