Learning to ride the waves when you’re out of the sea? Yes, it’s possible


We know that starting out in surfing is not simple. On the contrary. It’s no easy sport and you need a lot of practice and technique to become a king of the waves. We also know that surfing for the first time in the sea can prove very trying… During those first lessons, you’re bound to swallow a lot of water…

That’s why, today, we’re proposing you begin surfing lessons out of the water with the curved board. Inspired in the Montessori pedagogical line, we think it could be very useful for us to learn the first rules out of the water, which includes staying balanced atop the board.

In fact, we believe it’s one of the highlights of the curved board. It’s material for free play with no concrete use or manner of playing, but which evolves with your creativity and imagination. Shall we?

The curved board is a wooden semicircle on which you balance yourself and this is something we humans have done from time immemorial, but possibly in different ways. The feeling of staying on top of it is positive and pleasant.

Practice on it, keeping your balance while you shift and imagining you are riding the waves like a true surfer. There’s no limit to what you can do. All you need is imagination and the desire to play.


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