How much do you know about physics? Find out with this fun boboli quiz.


With the start of some nice weather (finally!) we feel much more like going out and making plans outdoors. A picnic in the countryside, playing in the park, or a day at the beach are great for disconnecting and getting your body moving – in your favorite outfit. But don’t forget to exercise your most important muscle: your brain!

Here’s a fun physics quiz to put yours to work. Write down your answers and then check them against the solutions at the end of this post. ¡Mens sana in corpore sano!

1 – The agent responsible for melting your ice cream.
a) Gravity  b) Temperature  c) Speed

2 – Both magnets and lovers experience this.
a) Attraction  b) Rest  c) Power

3 – Years used to measure the distance to galaxies far far away.
a) Pressure  b) Force  c) Light

4 – What comes after “Ready, set, go!”
a) Balance b) Acceleration c) Gravity

5 – State of matter without power and of children at night.
a) Rest b) Gravity c) Temperature

6 – When you fall, it’s always to blame.
a) Gravity b) Light c) Density

7 – Property necessary to charge your phone and that kids have in abundance.
a) Energy b) Density  c) Temperature

8 – When you’re facing an exam, you’re under this.
a) Pressure b) Balance c) Speed


1 – b / 2 – a / 3 – a / 4 – c / 5 – b / 6 – a / 7 – a / 8 – a

From 0 to 2. Though physics may not be your cup of tea, we bet you have a creative and inquiring mind. Grab some colored pencils and design a colorful fabric print like the ones in boboli’s collections!

From 3 to 6. No doubt, you like playing with formulas just as much as letting your imagination run wild. You can decide for yourself whether you prefer science or the arts. We’ll stick with a little of both!

From 7 to 8. What a brainiac! Physics is your jam, like a little Einstein or a little Marie Curie. Get your hands on a lab coat to wear on top of your boboli outfit. 🙂


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